‘A masterpiece…’ Rev Prof Martin Henig

Togidubnus, son of King Verica of the Atrebates, has been hostage in Rome for ten years. Studying with Seneca, he has learnt stoical detachment. Claudius sends him home in advance of the army of invasion to pacify the kings of Britain with promises of peace. But Britain is divided. Many of the kings want what Rome has to offer, but others join Caratacus in his violent resistance. 

In flight from Caratacus, Togidubnus is captured by a Druid college of bards at Swale’s Well (Swallowhead, Avebury) and his reintroduction to his own druid self is performed at West Kennet longbarrow and at Avebury stone circle. After that, he is a divided soul seeking unity both for himself and his land. Meanwhile, the Romans are on their way…

Linda Proud has written an acclaimed series of novels set in 15th century Florence. When she brought her imagination back home, she began to sense the enchantment of Britain, still present at so many sites. In the absence of documentary sources, she has relied on archaeology, ethnology and her own imagination to bring the ancient Britons back to life.

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