Oops, seven things I forgot…

With awards come duties, and having received this one from Helen Hollick, I am supposed to think of seven things about myself you may not know, and send the award on to seven other bloggers. So, here we go. I nominate:
And that, folks, is as many blogs as I’m familiar with, run by individuals and not companies. So I shall now hunt for another four to fall in love with. As to the other seven things, gulp, here goes:
I’m an immaculate granny of six, not having any children of my own (David has five).
I knit while watching TV – it’s what grannies do, after all, even immaculate ones.
In my spare time I practise sacred geometry and study the Bhagavad Gita in the original Sanskrit, strange but true.
The one thing sure to remind me about the celestial spheres is bird song.
I believe everything is One and that life is sacred.
I believe writing can be taught but you’ve got to want to learn.
I love everything about vegetables except eating them.
I can’t count.

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  1. Thank you very much, Linda!

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