Those who I’m in touch with on Facebook  know how keen I am to prevent fracking in the UK. However, most of the major posts I made in the summer coincided with my settings being changed (by whom?) to ‘local’. I have only one local friend, and he’s already committed. So I’ve decided to make a compilation of the most informative videos and sites I’ve collected over the year and will post them in a series of blogs.
First, some questions. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of them, and especially if you answer ‘yes’ to more than one, I beg you to follow these leads.
will do no harm
will do a bit of harm but it’s the price we have to pay
is a viable source of energy
will help us be self-sufficient, and self-sufficiency in energy supplies is vital
is our only hope in the fight against nuclear
is better than nuclear
will not be noticed by the majority of the population
will make no difference to my quality of life
will not significantly alter the landscape
knows what it’s doing
is acting in our best interests
wouldn’t do anything to harm us
I’ll try and cover this list with the series of clips and sites I’ve collected. First, let it be known that this is not about the threat of earthquakes in Blackpool. It’s about your land and your water supply, if you live in south/central/north eastern England. That is, just about everywhere apart from Devon, Cornwall and Essex (and I think that green blob in the middle of the map may be Yorkshire).

Fracking map, Daily Mail
Fracking map of UK, source Daily Mail

Let’s start with the video that set me off on this path of youthful rebellion in my twilight years. It’s ‘Fracking Hell’ by Earth Focus. It features a former Vice President of Mobil Oil and one of the pioneers of hyraulic fracturing. And guess what they have to say!
This film, made by the UK’s Ecologist Film Unit, examines what has happened in Pennsylvania since fracking began there. It shows the effects you will feel in your community. You may not get methane coming out of your taps, but your roads and lanes definitely will be clogged with tankers.
That’s enough for today.



What can I do? Join the National Trust and tell them why you are joining (they are being ‘worked on’ by the government and need our support and encouragement).


UK organisations who are actively against fracking:

Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, National Trust, OBOD

Valuable blog to follow is Philip Carr-Gomm’s Fracking Industry Collapse 

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