Finding the horse

I’ve done a lot of work this week not writing. By not writing, I’ve forced myself into outlining the plot. Two of my characters had gone missing and I would not allow myself to proceed until I’d discovered what had happened to them. I use a programme called Scrivener which is as difficult and as rewarding as acquiring a foreign language. It’s become second nature to me now to use it as my writing programme, but I’ve avoided the outlining facility the same way as I avoid thinking about plot. Now I’m learning it, and in learning it I’ve found my horse. As with so many things, I learn stuff via YouTube and there are plenty of Scrivener tutorials there, including the official ones from Literature and Latte. (These are brilliant but so long and packed with information you want to slow the guy down to a drawl). I’ll be saying a lot more about all this in due course, but I just wanted to introduce you to Kat. She’s an energetic young writer who really knows her stuff, and for anyone struggling with story, please watch this video:
So, now I’m going to go and make a list of my subplots and make sure they all have beginnings, middles and ends.
‘Writing’ is such an ambiguous term. We are fools if we think it only means putting words on a page.

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  1. I do admire your perseverance Linda.I found my ‘White Horse’ and am enjoying the ride!

  2. When an artist is silent, it’s always a good sign. Enjoy!

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