Chariot of the Soul

The young Togidubnus, brought up and educated in Rome, is sent home to Britain in advance of the invading army.

…rings with confidence and authenticity… The Idle Woman

…historical fiction of a very high order… Nicholas Colloff

…as he rediscovers what makes Britain so special, so different, he also starts to appreciate the collision course he is set on… Towse Harrison

Linda Proud is a terrific storyteller, bringing history vividly to life. Denise Cullington.

Beautiful and sad and nostalgic, a hymn for what we have lost, are losing. Claudia Naydler.

A rich understanding emerges, applicable everywhere today… Elizabeth Mazzola.

If you have ever studied Cogidubnus in the Cambridge Latin Course you will be especially interested in this alternative interpretation of his life – I will be recommending it to all my Latin pupils at school. It is carefully researched and truly fascinating. Jane Mason.

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