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I was a bit overwhelmed by yesterday’s response. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. For those who did not see all the comments,  Marge asked for someone to critique her novel, offering to do the same in return.
I’m not sure how to organise this, but in the background to this blog I can see the email addresses of contributors so, anyone wishing to join such a scheme of mutual critiquing, saving a hefty sum in the process, please just drop a note in the comment box here. I’ll try and find out today how to get my email address to show on the site.
With your permission, anyone applying will be copied to anyone else who’s applied, if that makes sense (it’s very early).
At that point I bow out and take no responsibility whatsoever. This is not an exercise for the faint-hearted. But as a word of advice to someone who has never critiqued before, look for the good as well as the bad and always be kind. It could be you on the receiving end and, in fact, in this scheme, it will be….

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  1. Hi everyone (and Linda) just a note of warning. Don’t give your full e-mail address on sites like this, you’ll be inundated with spam. Always put ‘at’ and ‘dot’ – thus mine is authorAThelenhollickDOTnet.
    Spammers, phishers, etc set the computer to “crawl” for the “at” and “dot” symbols, latch on to your e-mail & you have a whole warehouse full of spam!
    I’d love to offer to critique for budding writers, I have been doing so for years, but recently I’ve found I’ve been giving more time to these lovely people than to my own work, so I’m now being business like and offering a writer’s mentoring service, where I provide a critique and mentor a new writer to “get going” with their novel.
    e-mail me for details if you are interested.
    Sorry Linda, didn’t mean to use your blog as a shameless advert! 🙂
    Newwriters UK may be of interest to independent authors – (not just UK authors, they’ve expanded to being international!)

  2. Helen’s right – don’t put your email in a comment box. Sorry if I didn’t make it clear that I would put people in touch with each other.
    I’m afraid I can’t do that on behalf of professionals. This ‘service’ is only for putting together those who wish to engage in mutual critiquing for no fee.

  3. Thanks again, Linda. You are kind to do this. I hope we have some takers.
    It may help if I share a little bit about myself. I am a retired university prof/high school English teacher/consultant. I now live in a quiet, rural town in eastern Connecticut with my husband, who is teaching his last semester at a local university.
    Like so many people I’ve wanted to write a novel since I was very young, but life got in the way. Finally, after a trip to Austria, THE TRUST OF THE HAWK sort of spilled out. Well, it took 4 yrs. to spill completely…not a good idea when one is pushing 70! I was frustrated by the agent search and six unexplained refusals, so I chose to self publish with Xlibris…also not a good idea for reasons I can elaborate on if anyone is interested.
    I am determined to find a ‘real’ publisher for PROGENITOR, therefore I am determined to make it the best I possibly can. That’s why I need your help!
    Having taught for so many years and read for many more, I think I can also give good feedback…working on the theory that it is sometimes easier to see the flaws and good points in others’ work than it is in your own.
    And oh yes, I should add that I am not a big user of social web sites so if I violate any protocols please let me know!

  4. Linda, it would be lovely to exchange pieces for critique. I belong to a very good writing group, but I’m always interested in meeting other writers, especially those who are drawn to write historical fiction.
    Marge, you and I are practically neighbors (relatively speaking); I live in a village in upstate New York (where the thermometer read -14.9 this morning, by the way). My sister lives in Avon, Connecticut. Like you, I only began trying seriously to write fiction after ending my working life — I’m an English major turned technical editor turned manager.
    I hope we might help and encourage each other!

    1. Brilliant! What a wonderful match! Pam, meet Marge. Marge meet Pam. I’ll be sending you an email. Let me know how you get on. Very best wishes to you both.

      1. Pam, you must forgive me. I am new to social networking and did not know you had responded to Linda’s email. It is just luck that I found you! I’ll have to look further to see if I have an email with your contact info.
        What are you working on now?
        How shall we proceed?
        I am very happy to connect with you1

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